"Defining Flow" – Committed to flow with success by having innovative and high quality products at reasonable cost ensuring customer satisfaction

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About Klug pump

“Defining Flow” – Committed to flow with success by having innovative and high quality products at reasonable cost ensuring customer satisfaction.

Klug Pumps is an integrated design and manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of centrifugal pumps required in Industries, Commercial and Residential Apartments, Fire Prone Areas, Water treatment plants etc. Incorporated in 2018, our mission is to build on our history of products to drive excellence and technology innovation with highest quality and most reliable products and services to customer across the globe

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Klug Product Features

Single Stage centrifugal End suction Pump

Horizontal back pull out design for easy Maintenance

Designed accordance to DIN 24255 (10bar Pressure)

Operating Temperature up to 120 deg

Suction x Deliver- 50x32 to 200x150 mm

Max Head up to 150 Meter & Max Discharge up to 550 m^3/hr

Available in various MOC (Cast Iron, Bronze & Stainless Steel)

Stainless steel Sleeve to protect the Shaft

Klug Applications
Fire Fighting
Water management in Commercial & Residential buildings
Water treatment plants
Cooling towers
Water Supply
Utility pumps in Industries

Important Operational Points

Always select suction and delivery pipe size two size higher than pump size for better performance.

Use flow control valve in delivery to avoid the overloading of primemover.

Trim the Impeller diameter as per the duty point (if the pump is supplied with full diameter)

Suction and Delivery pipe should be supported in such a way that the load and vibration should not transferred to the pumpset

Use Rubber ExpansionJoint in suction and delivery pipe to avoid the external loads & vibration on pumpset .

Check the alignment. proper foundation (as per GA) before commissioning of pumpset .

To offer firefighting Pumpset as per TAC Norm, refer to the manufacture.

Always select prime mover with safety margin 10 to 20%

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