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Single Stage centrifugal End suction Pump

Horizontal back pull out design for easy Maintenance

Designed accordance to DIN 24255 (10bar Pressure)

Flanges as per DIN 2533 (PN16)

Suction x Delivery- 50x32 to 200x150 mm

Maximum Head up to 150 Meter & Maximum Discharge up to 550 m^3/hr

2900 & 1450 RPM

Operating Temperature up to 120 deg

Normal Mechanical Seal (SiC Vs Sic with Viton Below) up to 90 deg & high temperature seal up to 120 deg

Grease packed Ball Bearings for no maintenance and longer Bearing life

Stainless steel Sleeve to protect the Shaft

Available in various MOC (Cast Iron, Bronze & Stainless Steel)

Special Features (USP)


10 % more bearing span for more reliability.

Bearing span designed such a way that the bending moment will be minimum leads to more reliability.


“O” Ring Design: For better service

For sealing of stationary parts, “O” Ring is used. This is a perfect sealing. It can be reused after dismantling also.


Casing Designed to withstand 1.5 pressure with Ribs: Rugged construction

Volute designed with Cast Iron Gr FG260 as per IS 210 & with supporting ribs. This able to withstand loads and internal pressure.


Mechanical Seal:

VEase of Assembly: Shaft mounted seal is very easy to reassembly.

MOC: Sic Vs Sic with Viton bellow will sustain liquid temperature upto 120 deg.


All wetted parts coated with Anticorrosive paint: Improved Life

Wetted parts like, Volute, Impeller & Casing Cover coated with anticorrosive paint which protect parts from corrosion.

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